Relief for Haiti

Relief for Haiti

Haiti was once the most loved destination for millions of travelers worldwide. For decades, Haiti was the one destination which was suitable for couples, families, and solo travelers alike and it was an amazing getaway. People could visit Haiti for a relaxing time and to really let go, but that all changed just a few short years ago. Today, Haiti is no longer the destination people remember and it’s a real shame. However, worst of all, citizens throughout the country are still at so much risk.

A Deadly Earthquake

With no warning, a forceful 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010. It was said to be one of the worst the country has seen in over 200 years. The earthquake had such force buildings were destroyed and a country would never be the same again. The devastation left behind was truly unimaginable as hundreds of thousands were killed with many more injured and displaced. To this day, there are still thousands of people unaccounted for with family members having no details as to what happened to their loved ones. After the quake, many rushed to aide those in need and to hopefully help dig people out alive from the rubble.

The Aide Relief to Help Those in Need

Over three million people were affected and there were no exceptions. Many thousands died, with many more left with life-changing injuries. Ultimately, millions were left homeless. Businesses were also affected and many that day, lost their livelihoods forever. However, the world came together to help organize help and support to those in the country. The Red Cross pledged a million to help the relief fund which basically ensured rescue workers were able to reach the most affected areas and had equipment to dig people out. Food and medical supplies were also sent from the Red Cross and indeed money and volunteers to help those in need. Relief efforts were greatly organized and, while there was so much, it was, unfortunately, so little.Read page at

Help Is Still Needed

Relief for HaitiMillions gave what they could to help the people of Haiti and it did help so much because shelters were created and allowed many to avoid spending a night on the streets. People were given food, medical care, and had their homes rebuilt. However, while all that has occurred, there is still so much today that needs to be done. While millions were pledged, the country still remains in a very sorry state. There are still millions homeless and while there are efforts to rebuild, it is technically a slow process. That is why there is still so much need to help Haiti. Relief for Haiti and the campaigns surrounding it can be so important because they are the only real financial aid reaching many survivors.

Do What You Can

The world watched in horror as disaster struck and yet only those there know the real extent of the horror. So much has been given but more is needed as it just isn’t enough. Over three million people were displaced and affected by the earthquake and those people, along with those injured, need help still. Relief for Haiti is a worthy cause and something that must stay in the minds of everyone. Do what you can to help those in need.