Musicians for Haiti

Musicians for Haiti

Haiti was unfortunately struck by a terrible earthquake in 2010 and the devastation left behind was unimaginable. However, the world could only really stand by and watch as the horror unfolded and there wasn’t anyone left unhurt or affected by the earthquake in one way or another. For millions, they couldn’t just let this happen without doing something. That was when it was decided a charity single—a remake of We Are the World—would be recreated and released with all funds raised, going to help Haiti and those in need.

An Important Song for a Country in Need

Over 80 artists played their part when it came to the Haiti charity single. Wyclef Jean was a spearhead for the song and one of the main artists featuring on the single too and had a personal reason for the song to go ahead. A wide variety of artists did complete the ‘We are the World 25 for Haiti’ charity song and it was truly a worldwide success. This helped to raise awareness and a lot of money too which was the whole idea of the song.

Why Do Musicians Record Charity Songs?

You have to remember, people can do only so much and there are many who don’t feel as though they can afford to give money to charity. However, with simple songs, they can be used as a simple tool to ensure others give what they can. It’s really quite important and very good too because it helps others—millions, in fact—who are in desperate need. That can potentially save a life and that’s so important today. There have been many musicians who have recorded songs for Haiti and, even though it has been several years since the disaster struck, it still should be an important thing to remember. Thousands of people still are in great need of help and support.

A Country Remains in Need

While the Haiti earthquake was many years ago, it still is a country in great need. There are people who are still without homes and those recovering from life-changing injuries. Just because you aren’t seeing the devastation on TV anymore, it doesn’t mean the country isn’t in need. It still is recovering in so many ways and you have to understand millions are in great need. This is one of the biggest reasons why musicians for Haiti are still recording tracks to help raise funds and get people to pledge money to those who are in need for support.

A Wonder of Musicians

Musicians for HaitiThere have been dozens of amazing musicians all looking at doing what they can for Haiti. For some, they have been able to raise money and it’s a fantastic effort to say the least. However, the charity songs for Haiti have been so crucial too in this effort. There have been thousands who have heard the charity song for Haiti and have given what they can. It all helps and it’s important for musicians to do this for those in Haiti. Today, there are still many musicians for Haiti who’re doing all they can to keep awareness alive and to help volunteers bring in money too. It’s quite an important cause.Checkout more details at

A Well Deserved Remake

Despite there being some criticism of the charity single, people did rush to buy it and there were real demand for it too. If the song helped to raise money that was all that mattered and it really did do so much for so many. That is so often forgotten so it’s important to keep that in your mind. Haiti was in great need and today, while there has been a lot done to help restore homes, so much is still needed. The charity single for Haiti really did help and hopefully it’ll keep on helping in the years to come.